Hypocrites in UN

CIA Covert Ops in Nigeria: Fertile Ground for US Sponsored Balkanization

This incisive article by Nile Bowie was first publish two years ago by GR in April 2012 sheds light on recent events. While the atrocities committed by Boko Haram are being used to justify an R2P “humanitarian” intervention in Nigeria, it is worth noting that covert financial support as well as military training has been […]

Podela Jugoslavije 1941

Croatia’s NATO President

For almost two millennia, Zagreb has existed under alliances with Roman, Byzantine, Hungarian, Venetian, Hungarian, and Yugoslavian leadership. During World War II, the Nazis and Axis powers created the Independent State of Croatia under the leadership of an Ustaše government led by Ante Pavelić. Between 1941 and 1944, thirteen concentration camps were built to “cleanse” Croatia and assist the Nazi government in their Final Solution. After the war, Yugoslavia was consolidated under Josep Broz Tito, and shattered again by civil war during the Milosevic government after the break up of the Soviet Union. […]


How China’s “Balkans Silk Road” Could Resurrect Russia’s South Stream

One of the central tenets of the Russian-Chinese Strategic Partnership is that where one goes, the other follows, and this is certainly expected to be the case in the Balkans with the Beijing-built Silk Road railway that will connect Greece to Hungary. Russia has a unique opportunity to revive the South Stream pipeline (to complement the LNG facility in Turkey) by snaking it across Greece and Macedonia along the Balkan Silk Road and onwards to the Serbian hub that it was originally anticipated to connect to before the project was scrapped. […]

40 DijalektiStokavskogNarecja

Dismantling Former Yugoslavia, Recolonizing Bosnia-Herzegovina

As heavily-armed US and NATO troops enforced the peace in Bosnia, the press and politicians alike portrayed Western intervention in the former Yugoslavia as a noble, if agonizingly belated, response to an outbreak of ethnic massacres and human rights violations. In the wake of the November 1995 Dayton peace accords, the West was eager to touch up its self-portrait as savior of the Southern Slavs and get on with “the work of rebuilding” the newly “sovereign states.” [CONTINUE READING]


The First Balkan Alliance (1866−1868)

The creation of the First Balkan Alliance against the Ottoman Empire in 1866–1868 in the light of territorial requirements of the Balkan states and nations at the expense of the decreasing power of the Ottoman authorities and the Ottoman state integration was the first political-military treaty on the mutual cooperation by the Christian Balkan states […]


Welcome to www.jugoslavologija.eu

Dear visitors, readers, friends, Thank you for visiting our webpage of YUGOSLAVOLOGY – An Independent Centre for the Yugoslav Studies! We hope you will find here important and useful material for your education, studies and research. If you have any question or comment you can either use our comment system at the and of every […]


Color Revolutions: Ukraine and Yugoslavia

When Will Americans Come to Their Senses? “I sometimes get the feeling that somewhere across that huge puddle, in America, people sit in a lab and conduct experiments, as if with rats, without actually understanding the consequences of what they are doing.”– Vladimir Putin, 4 March 2014 Five years ago, I wrote a paper for a […]


Mass grave of history: Vatican’s WWII identity crisis

Catholic Church, looking for a bulwark against communism, supported what became genocidal regime of Nazi satellite Croatia. Jasenovac in Croatia: Death camp for the Serbs, Jews, Roma… In this camp around 700.000 men are very brutally killed above all the Serbs (photo credit: Courtesy of Unites States Holocaust Memorial Museum) The controversy over the canonization […]