Oil Geopolitics: The South Stream Pipeline Has Been Replaced by “The Balkan Stream”

As Russia begins to build a pipeline through Macedonia that could form the basis of a revised South Stream route,…

A Bosnian scenario for Ukraine?
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The future for America’s shipments of lethal weapons to Ukraine is not yet clear. However, the current situation there is…

The Future Of The Balkans Runs Through Macedonia II
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Part I Levers Of Influence Macedonia sits in the current crosshairs of the ‘New Cold War’ between the West and…

The Future Of The Balkans Runs Through Macedonia I

Macedonia has emerged as the pivot for all of the Balkans, and the unipolar and multipolar worlds are intensely vying…

“Islamic State Déjà Vu”: US Sponsored Islamic Fighters in the Balkans, Washington Was Behind the 2001 Terrorist Attacks in Macedonia
18 UCK sa glavom

Author’s note The following article focussing on the jihadist terrorist insurgency in Macedonia was first published by antiwar.com in July…

Ukraine Conflict Is a Rerun of the Yugoslav Wars

In Ukraine crisis Germany, the EU and the US are playing the exact same destructive role they played in the…

Making Artificial Ethnolinguistic Nation: Boshnjak Identity And Bosnian Language

The object of this article is to present the process of making separate (from Serbian, Croatian and Montenegrin) Boshnjak ethnolinguistic…

Book: Serbia, Montenegro and the “Albanian Question”, 1878−1912, 2015

One of the crucial problems in historiography of the Balkans from 1878 to 1912 is the projects about the creation of an independent Albania (proclaimed as an independent in Valona on November 28th, 1912). More specifically, historians tried to explain interests of the Great European Powers to legitimise and protect Albania from the possible its partition between the Balkan allies of Serbia, Montenegro and Greece. However, the position, interests and attitudes of the Balkan allies themselves were marginally analysed. […]

CIA Covert Ops in Nigeria: Fertile Ground for US Sponsored Balkanization
Hypocrites in UN

This incisive article by Nile Bowie was first publish two years ago by GR in April 2012 sheds light on…

Croatia’s NATO President
Podela Jugoslavije 1941

For almost two millennia, Zagreb has existed under alliances with Roman, Byzantine, Hungarian, Venetian, Hungarian, and Yugoslavian leadership. During World War II, the Nazis and Axis powers created the Independent State of Croatia under the leadership of an Ustaše government led by Ante Pavelić. Between 1941 and 1944, thirteen concentration camps were built to “cleanse” Croatia and assist the Nazi government in their Final Solution. After the war, Yugoslavia was consolidated under Josep Broz Tito, and shattered again by civil war during the Milosevic government after the break up of the Soviet Union. […]

How China’s “Balkans Silk Road” Could Resurrect Russia’s South Stream

One of the central tenets of the Russian-Chinese Strategic Partnership is that where one goes, the other follows, and this is certainly expected to be the case in the Balkans with the Beijing-built Silk Road railway that will connect Greece to Hungary. Russia has a unique opportunity to revive the South Stream pipeline (to complement the LNG facility in Turkey) by snaking it across Greece and Macedonia along the Balkan Silk Road and onwards to the Serbian hub that it was originally anticipated to connect to before the project was scrapped. […]

Dismantling Former Yugoslavia, Recolonizing Bosnia-Herzegovina
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As heavily-armed US and NATO troops enforced the peace in Bosnia, the press and politicians alike portrayed Western intervention in the former Yugoslavia as a noble, if agonizingly belated, response to an outbreak of ethnic massacres and human rights violations. In the wake of the November 1995 Dayton peace accords, the West was eager to touch up its self-portrait as savior of the Southern Slavs and get on with “the work of rebuilding” the newly “sovereign states.” [CONTINUE READING]

Destruction of a Prosperous Nation State: The Fall of Yugoslavia and the US-NATO Led War

Destruction of a Prosperous Nation State: The Fall of Yugoslavia and the US-NATO Led War

Balkan realities: Who is responsible for War Crimes in the former Yugoslavia?
Bundeswher na Kosovu geto

Balkan realities: Who is responsible for War Crimes in the former Yugoslavia?

The First Balkan Alliance (1866−1868)

The creation of the First Balkan Alliance against the Ottoman Empire in 1866–1868 in the light of territorial requirements of…

Welcome to www.jugoslavologija.eu

Dear visitors, readers, friends, Thank you for visiting our webpage of YUGOSLAVOLOGY – An Independent Centre for the Yugoslav Studies!…

Color Revolutions: Ukraine and Yugoslavia

When Will Americans Come to Their Senses? “I sometimes get the feeling that somewhere across that huge puddle, in America,…

Mass grave of history: Vatican’s WWII identity crisis

Catholic Church, looking for a bulwark against communism, supported what became genocidal regime of Nazi satellite Croatia. Jasenovac in Croatia:…

Eight reasons why Ukraine is new Yugoslavia
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When the civil war in Ukraine started, the question that arised is whether there are similarities between Ukrainian and Yugoslavian…

Tuđmanov ministar priznao: Prvi smo napali Srbe da bi počeo rat

Ministar policije u Tuđmanovoj vladi: Prvi su napadnuti Srbi! Napadnuto je Borovo selo kako bi se isprovocirao rat! Prvi su…